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    travelers friendly to animalsStudy: Young travelers frien▓dly to animalsStudy: Young travelers friendly to animals05-18-2018 10:01 BJTConsumers in China are becoming m▓ore aware of animal-friendly tourist activities, and tour companies are changing their offerings to

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meet their expectations, according to new research cited by▓ World Animal Protection on Wednesday.The research, ca▓rried out by CTR Market R


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    esearch, targeted people born between 1985 and 2000 and evaluated their attitudes toward animal-friendly tourism. It found that more than 85 percent of the respondents surveyed objected to tourism ac▓tivities that harmed or abused animals."The market si

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    ation and willingness▓ to participate in the future," said Zhao Zhonghua, director of World Animal Protection China, an international nonprofit animal welfare organization."Travel ?/p> August this year and

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    aid, for example, that in Southeast Asia there are more than 3,000 captive elephants being exploited for tourism and recreational activities. More than three-fourths of them are housed in ha▓rsh environments, restrained with chains, separated fro▓m their mothers and forced to under

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go brutal training.In Thailand, for example, the number of elephants used for▓ recreational tourism increased from 1,688 to 2,198▓ from 2010 to


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2016, and 38 cases of injured elephants - 17 resulting in death - were reported at the same time."The positive thing is that more people hav

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